Highway Bomb Scare (#112)

This happened on the 21st of June, 2029 on Big City’s Superhighway 8’s Ley Town stretch (the busiest stretch of the highway); two white helicopters with the words “Him-Uq” (the infamous terrorist organization known for targeting Big City) written in black flew over the highway and dropped hundreds of black bags on the road. Immediately, […]

The Velocity Files (#111)

Velocity Sixty Five is the name of Big City’s war plan in case they have to go to war with their neighbour Australia – this was just one of the country’s Velocity Files. Despite the two countries being on the best of terms, this plan was drawn up by then-army chief Nicholas Bernard in the […]

The Aukrust Betting Scandal (#110)

The Aukrust Betting Ring was a huge underground illegal betting ring which was being run in Big City’s State of Big City. In Big City sport betting and gambling is legal but there is a limit to the amount of money that can be bet and cockfights and dogfights are illegal with serious punishments. Sven […]

The Big City Interstate Highway Proposal (#108)

The Big City Interstate Highway Proposal was made in October 2055 which proposed the construction of 4 highways connecting all 5 island states of Big City. The highways would be bridges built over very deep water using the floating-pillar technology developed in the early 2040s. The highways would join S.O.B.C. to Cyber, Cyber to Ran, […]

The Railway System (#107)

The Big Citian Railway System was developed fairly later in the 1980s by the company Stenson & Larry Pvt. Ltd. and was bought by the government for around 267 million Amires (~US$400 million). It was ran by the government for roughly 18 years before Stenson & Larry Pvt. Ltd. was re-hired to manage and run […]