Agriculture in Big City (#114)

Agriculture is not one of the major activities in Big City but still, it is known for its tobacco, wheat, and rice exports. During the early 20th to mid 20th century Big City was a huge exporter of staple grains such as rice and of potatoes but after its independence, the government started buying up […]

Highway Bomb Scare (#112)

This happened on the 21st of June, 2029 on Big City’s Superhighway 8’s Ley Town stretch (the busiest stretch of the highway); two white helicopters with the words “Him-Uq” (the infamous terrorist organization known for targeting Big City) written in black flew over the highway and dropped hundreds of black bags on the road. Immediately, […]

The Velocity Files (#111)

Velocity Sixty Five is the name of Big City’s war plan in case they have to go to war with their neighbour Australia – this was just one of the country’s Velocity Files. Despite the two countries being on the best of terms, this plan was drawn up by then-army chief Nicholas Bernard in the […]

The Aukrust Betting Scandal (#110)

The Aukrust Betting Ring was a huge underground illegal betting ring which was being run in Big City’s State of Big City. In Big City sport betting and gambling is legal but there is a limit to the amount of money that can be bet and cockfights and dogfights are illegal with serious punishments. Sven […]

The Big City Interstate Highway Proposal (#108)

The Big City Interstate Highway Proposal was made in October 2055 which proposed the construction of 4 highways connecting all 5 island states of Big City. The highways would be bridges built over very deep water using the floating-pillar technology developed in the early 2040s. The highways would join S.O.B.C. to Cyber, Cyber to Ran, […]