The Flame Monument (#81)

The flame monument is the most popular and most visited monument in Big City. It is located in the capital of the country, Ran City and was built by Big Citian workers in 1946, a year after Big Citian independence. The workers were all working for factories owned by German industrialists and after several national […]

Big City Early Access Plan

In celebration of the 80th blog I am releasing a new plan called the “Big City Early Access Plan” which will give you a few days’ early access to my blog. This is available for free for the next three days and after that I will release the full details. Email me at for […]

Nabbing the Traitor (#80)

On 8th of December, 2056; a man named James Hurton declared the Big Citian island city of Lona an independent country. This happened 40 years after Lona joined Big City from the United Kingdom after a referendum was held in which 97.3% of Lonans has voted ‘YES’. Everything was going well in Lona until James […]

Isle of Heuslia Resort (#79)

On the coast of the Australian District of Big City is the one of the most famous resorts of the Southern Hemisphere, the Isle of Heuslia Resort. It was founded in May of 2018 by the Heuslia Trading Company who bought three private beaches on the coast and the land surrounding it. They officially renamed the […]

Independence Day Celebrations (#78)

In Big City, the Independence Day is one of the biggest holidays if the year. The Independence Day is on October 20 celebrating Big City’s independence from Germany on October 20, 1945. All offices and schools are shut down on the day and many even shut down for the days adjacent to the Independence Day. […]

False News (#77)

On 8th November 2066, over fifty of Big City’s largest news agencies including the largest one called National Press of Big City had their websites covered with stories about the breakout of a huge plague all over Big City and stated that over 2,000 had died within a few days because of the plague. The […]

Skycar (#76)

Skycar is a Big Citian aerospace corporation which was founded by Edward Argerbay in May of 2022. He famously said these words during the unveiling of Skycar’s first aircraft, the Skycar SKY-1: “My aim is to topple the likes of Airbus & Boeing, we will not produce general aviation neither will we make smaller aircrafts, […]