The Aukrust Betting Scandal (#110)

The Aukrust Betting Ring was a huge underground illegal betting ring which was being run in Big City’s State of Big City. In Big City sport betting and gambling is legal but there is a limit to the amount of money that can be bet and cockfights and dogfights are illegal with serious punishments. Sven […]

The Big City Interstate Highway Proposal (#108)

The Big City Interstate Highway Proposal was made in October 2055 which proposed the construction of 4 highways connecting all 5 island states of Big City. The highways would be bridges built over very deep water using the floating-pillar technology developed in the early 2040s. The highways would join S.O.B.C. to Cyber, Cyber to Ran, […]

The Railway System (#107)

The Big Citian Railway System was developed fairly later in the 1980s by the company Stenson & Larry Pvt. Ltd. and was bought by the government for around 267 million Amires (~US$400 million). It was ran by the government for roughly 18 years before Stenson & Larry Pvt. Ltd. was re-hired to manage and run […]

The Daneville Illusion Tower (#106)

The Daneville Illusion Tower is a 76 meter tall tower located in the Daneville locality of Iam, Dezo, Big City. It was constructed in 1822 by the indigenous tribe, the Hurnus. The tower was built using an intricate system of levers and pulleys designed by the chief of the Hurnu tribe during the tribal era, […]

The Execution Conspiracies (#105)

Before reading, it would be helpful to read blog #72, #73, #95, #96 and #97.   After international-level terrorist Bunty Amarnathpo was executed by the Big Citian forces, they had realized that the government had accidentally killed a body double and then the real Bunty was tracked down and executed two days later and the […]

Train 35 (#104)

The ‘Train 35’ was a train carrying 300 people that went into a 8.5km tunnel in Iam, Dezo and never came out. The people noticed that the train had gone into the tunnel and didn’t come out of the other end within the usual 4-5 minutes and after about 25 minutes, a team of policemen […]