My Fictional Country – Big City [Tlig Frado] (#1)

Welcome to Big City or Tlig Frado as they call it in the regional language, Benoz, Tlig Frado’s journey is a long one.

Tlig Frado is an island-nation South of Australia, it is considered a part of Oceania. It has 5 islands each of which are considered states all under one Democratic government the names are ; Fezo, Dezo, Cyber, State of Big City & Ran. Big City has a total area of nearly 1 million square km. with Dezo being the largest (410,000 km^2) and Ran, the smallest (45,000 km^2).

It used be a land of the tribal but, during the 1880s the Germans got hold of it and ruled it. Slowly, the majority of the people were German or Half-German and by the 1930s they started realizing that they wouldn’t be able to prosper as nation under the German rule. The leader of the great movement was Tom Christ, an ordinary man who owned a grocery store in the State of Big City (SOBC). He held huge strikes and protests against the German Officials that by 1940, the Germans were forced to sign the ‘Independence Act of 1940’ which didn’t officially make Big City an independent nation but, it gave them autonomy and allowed them to form a government under German supervision. After this act was passed, the Big Citians were satisfied and a government was formed by Tom Christ headed by, James Creighton. After Germany lost World War II in 1945, the Government of Big City took advantage of the situation and declared themselves an independent nation. Soon, they got recognition from numerous countries such as; Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, India, China et cetera but, the only place left was Germany. After several other governments put pressure on the Germans they too, recognized Big City as an independent nation. So, on October 20, 1945 Big City gained independence.

Several industries started popping up in Big City such as the car industry and soon it would become the home to several successful car brands such as Skycar and Varones.

By 1980, Big City had a stable economy and a healthy GDP.

From here the journey of the great nation began.


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