Tlig Frado – The First Elections (#2)

In 1970, the Big City government formed a committee and it decided that elections shall be held in the country every 10 years but they would not hold them right away but wait for 25 years to allow the economy to stabilize and the country to get enough resources to conduct one. In 1969 when the date for the elections in 1970 was announced, there was mass celebration all across the country. The competing parties were –

  1. Independence Party
  2. Peace Party
  3. The Choice Party
  4. Upper Party

The whole country was divided into 223 seats (Dezo-100 ; Fezo-80; SOBC-25 ; Cyber-10 ; Ran-8) Each of the parties shared similar views as to how the country should be run however the results were overwhelming; the Independence Party got 216 seats while the Peace Party got 5, the Upper Party got 2 and the Choice Party got none.

This may have been because Viola Christ, the grand-daughter of Tom Christ (The person credited for Big City’s independence) was the Prime Ministerial candidate for the Independence Party.

The new Prime Minister was Viola Christ while the new President was Josef Andrews.

After the results came out declaring the Independence Party winners, the supporters celebrated it by booking expensive hotels to host parties, the heads of organisations declared holidays (which sparked controversies between the non-supporters and supporters) etc.

This is said to be a turning point in Big City politics and soon other politicians emerged and gave the Independence Party a challenge, however they remained in power for 3 terms i.e 50 years before the establishment of a much stronger political party headed by Mr. Udi Baba.

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