Tlig Frado – The first steps into the Olympic Games (#3)

In the summer of 1952, Big City participated in its first every summer Olympic games held in Helsinki, Finland. Big City sent its participants to Finland without much hope of winning a medal.

There was a total of 6 participants from Big City 4 women and 2 men. Even though Big City were unable to secure a medal, Helena Dordgurg who participated in the 200m Women’s final managed to finish 4th just one place off of the bronze medal.

This left everybody in the country in a mixture of delight (as they finished 4th) and disappointment (as they missed a medal position by one place). The other 5 participated in Athletics (2 people), Shooting (1 person) and Swimming (2 people) and none of them managed to finish in the top eight. The Big City Olympic Committe (BCOC) gave each participant a reward of 8,000 amires (Amires is the currency of Big City 1 amire = 1.5 USD) and Dordgurg got a bonus of 10,000 amires.

Helena Dordgurg got a hero’s welcome to the country on her return and won the inaugural Tlig Frado Sports Honour Award instituted by the BCOC with aid from the Big City Association of Sports (BCAS).

After seeing the results of the Helsinki games the BCOC decided to make greater efforts in order to produce quality Olympians which led to the establishment of the National Academy of Sports Excellence (NASE) in Coandra, Dezo in 1954.

The NASE was unable to produce quality athletes in time for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in which Big City sent a 12-member team with an equal number of men and women, these games were an even bigger disappointment as none of the athletes made the finals of their respective events and Helena Dordgurg finished dead last in the heats due to a muscle cramp. When the team landed in Big City and got out of the airport they were met with boos and jeers from the Big Citians which enraged the athletes, the BCOC and the Big City Government.

In a few months everything settled down and the failure and misery was forgotten……

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