I Would Like to Tell you Something : #6

Hi, so I have been blogging for about 4 days now, and I would like to tell you something:

In Big City, the characters are ageless, that means, for example an athlete can play for 50 years, but they are not immortal! This is complicated:

For example, the cricket team right now (2017) will remain the same in 2090 or in 2100 and still, they would be young, 25 or 26 year olds but they can die, but they would never grow old until and unless I wish to.

So if you look at the football team right now and the one in the 2050 world cup and the most of the players are still the same and still playing then it is not a mistake!!! It is difficult for me as a blogger and you as a reader to keep track of all those people so, the teams I publish or the politicians I blog about will more or less remain the same (Unless I wish to write about some dramatic retirement or some dramatic debut)!

Hope you understand!!!


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