Politics Take an Ugly Turn – The Assasination (#5)

On 20th October 2001 the nation witnessed a terrible tragedy, while Ms. Viola Christ (The Prime Minister of the country) was addressing the nation on its 56th independence day in Ran City, Ran from the Parliament’s balcony she was shot in the head twice, killing her immediately.

The second she was shot, the whole crowd ran away, scared and the ones who were remaining were cleared off by the security. A day after the incident occurred, the assassin was caught and after twelve hours of interrogation he confessed to the crime and identified himself as Christian Fallzed and told the police that he had been hired by the Upper Party to assassinate Viola Christ because due to her presence in the Independence Party, they (the Independence Party) were winning the elections with a clear majority.

Fallzed then further told the police that he worked for the terrorist organization Him-Uq and Bunty Amarnathpo had hired him.

After this information was released to the public it left the whole nation in complete shock. The reason: Mr. Bunty Amarnathpo was the missing and assumed-dead brother of the richest man in the country: Lala Amarnathpo.

Fallzed was hanged on November 1, 2001.

Lala Amarnathpo said in an interview:

“He (Bunty) had gone missing when I was 8, he is 2 years younger to me, we don’t know if that person (Fallzed) is lying just to tarnish my public image, because according to me, Bunty, in no way could have gone into the line of terrorism, he was just a sweet and innocent child.”

 After this interview was aired on November, 5, 2001 by the news agency ‘1 Tlig 1 Frado’ people started sympathizing Lala but there was another share of people who believed Fallzed and started boycotting Lala’s various fashion and automobile brands.

The Upper Party came under the scanner and all the main heads were questioned in the first months of 2002 and at the end of the court case, the three main leaders were thrown in prison for life (having admitted to the crime) and the Upper party was banned and the current members of the parliament belonging to the party were also dismissed.

Will the Him-Uq strike again? Was the leader really Lala’s brother?

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