Lala’s Road to Success (#8)

Lala Amaranthpo, the richest man in Big City originated from India. He was born in Thiruvananthapuram, India and came to Big City at the age of 20. After spending one year as a waiter in the well-known Big Citian restraunt “Ralpl”, he established a clothing brand called “Lala Finza” (Translation: Lala Fashion) which made everything from traditional Indian and Big Citian clothes to trendy Western outfits.

The first year of the company, business was slow, in order to generate a profit; Lala Amarnathpo decided that his company needed to come up with original and revolutionary designs and ideas.

Therefore, he designed the “Zip Dhoti” (Dhoti is a traditional Indian piece of clothing which you may or may have not heard about, just click on this link)

A dhoti had to be tied in order to wear it and was a huge inconvenience so, Lala Amarnathpo decided to put a zip on a dhoti in order to make things easier. The first design was launched at the ClothingCon, Chennai, India and it proved to be a huge success, Lala Finza quadrupled their profits in one month. Soon, he started launching several dresses of the different places of the world with little modern tweaks in order to make them easier to wear and around a year after the launch of the “Zip Dhoti”, Lala Finza became a well-known brand.

As his clothing brand grew, Lala Amarnathpo started expanding into other sectors of the market and soon, the Varones car company was established in 1998. The Varones’ first model was the N555 which was a generic sedan but still, it sold a lot.

Nowadays, Lala Amarnathpo owns many companies and is partners in many, generating huge profits from all of them.

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