The Big City Army (#9)

The Big City army wasn’t established until 1980.

Being an island nation, Big City didn’t really need an army until terrorist attacks started spreading throughout the country. The Big City army’s primary role was to control terrorism in the country and protect the country from missiles, aerial attacks and enemy naval fleets.

The army chief was Fittin Amarnathpo. He was Lala Amarnathpo’s brother. (I will talk about Fittin’s reaction to Bunty being his (supposedly) long lost brother in a later blog)

The first major task that the army faced was when Germany sent their navy to attack Big City from the North. The army was alerted two days prior to their arrival and as soon as the German troops entered Big Citian waters, Big City sent their own navy in and captured the two ships after a long crossfiring resulting in the death of twenty-two people. The remaining were imprisoned and some were sentenced to death.

After Big City successfullly managed to defeat the German navy ships, Fittin Amarnathpo received the highest gallantry award, the Medal of Honour for saving the lives of four of his comrades by taking a bullet to his right and left legs.

But still….. the Big City army will have to face even bigger challenges in the future.

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