The Cricket Team (#10)

The Big City National Cricket team was established in 1950, under the BCCB ( The Big City Cricket Board).

The Team (Dezo, Fezo, SOBC, Ran and Cyber are the players’ states of origin)

The Starting XI

  1. San Mounee (Captain)                                                       Dezo       Batsman
  2. Ran Ratskin (Wicket Keeper)                                           Fezo        WK
  3. Lon Mounee                                                                        Dezo        Batsman
  4. Funji Amarnathpo (Vice-Captain)                                  SOBC        Batsman
  5. Michael Govingston                                                          SOBC         All-Rounder
  6. Caron Cole                                                                           Fezo          All-Rounder
  7. Mitchel James                                                                     Cyber        All-Rounder
  8. Nan Go                                                                                 Ran            Bowler
  9. Lico Ratskin                                                                        Cyber         Bowler
  10. Xik Xonosoy                                                                        Fezo           Bowler
  11. Robin Stepar                                                                       Dezo          Bowler

The Second-choice players   (BA-Batsman;BO-Bowler;WK-Wicket-Keeper;All-Rounder)

  1. Nalil Patel (BO)
  2. Yorden Niblson (AR)
  3. Xander Xiij (BO)
  4. Daniel Nibble (WK)
  5. Randy RcClox (BA)
  6. Gavin Goda (BO)
  7. Lukcas Norbie (BA)
  8. Nathan Lixo (AR)
  9. Kathy Tone (BO)
  10. Reob Raif (WK)

I have to clarify that Funji, in no way is in the Lala, Fittin and Bunty Amarnathpo family (If you don’t know about the Amaranthpo family see blog 8, blog 9 and blog 5)

I will talk about the team’s first game and other stuff in later blogs, this one was just so that you become familiar with players’ names et cetera.


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