The Documentary Reveals It All! (#11)

On 1st Decemeber, 2008, Big City’s leading television network, The Prime Hour Teley (PHT) released a documentary “The Amarnathpo Brothers: The Mystery“, in which they interviewed Fittin, Lala and Bunty Amarnathpo separately, Lala was reportedly paid an astonishing 100 million Amires i.e $150 million to do the interview while Fittin and Bunty did it for free.

Paying Bunty might have been seen as terrorism funding by the PHT. Bunty’s interview was done in an undisclosed location which was probably Bunty’s headquarters and the journalist was taken there blindfolded. In the interview, Bunty’s face was painted black and he talked about the day he escaped and in order to prove himself Lala’s brother he revealed some information about their childhood that only Bunty and his brothers knew. After that, Fittin was interviewed who, after watching Bunty’s interview admitted that it was highly likely that he was their brother. The last interview was Lala’s in which Lala said that only Bunty would know these things about their childhood and the escape.

Bunty said that he was playing in a public park one day when his brothers weren’t there when a group of 5 men blindfolded him and loaded him onto their truck. Bunty refused to reveal information about what happened next.

So, at the end it was pretty much understood that Bunty Amarnathpo was their brother. Lala and Fittin kept asking the question that everyone wanted to know the answer to, “Why did he become a terrorist?” maybe we will know in the future.

The documentary grossed a brilliant $650 million and most of the population supported Fittin and Lala for admitting that Bunty was their brother but there still was a very small minority which demanded Fittin be removed from the army and continued the boycott on Lala Finza and Lala’s other brands.

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