The First Cricket Match (#12)

The Big City cricket team played its first game as a test match (Which was the only format at the time) on 15th November, 1950 against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The result was absolutely unexpected and took the world by surprise, Big City won by 25 runs. Big City had won the toss and chose to bat first with the opener and the captain San Mounee scoring 182 in his first innings and 91 in his second innings, Big City took a 198-run lead after the first innings of both the teams ended and eventually won the game by 25 runs.

After the game, the man of the match award was given to San Mounee, the captain and the highest scorer of the game while the losing Australian captain congratulated the Big Citian side for playing so well, he said,

“I think that they (Big City) can become a huge deal in world cricket and have the potential beat the likes of India, South Africa, England and Pakistan too. They have a great, young and talented squad, each of them performed fantastically on the pitch today, congratulations to them.”

After Big City’s victory over Australia, Big City got invitations to play against England (3 Tests) , New Zealand (5 Tests) and West Indies (2 Tests).

Cricket’s popularity increased dramatically over the next decade with Big City actively playing bilateral and three-team series.

This was the start of a great cricketing nation.

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