The GA-1002 Crash (#13)

Happy new year 2018! Now let’s read the blog:

On 10th May, 2010 Big City witnessed a huge tragedy, Giza Air Flight GA-1002 crashed in the waters between Cyber and Fezo during an international flight from Perth, Australia to Cyber City, Big City.

The crash was caused due to the bad quality of the aircraft itself. The winds near the Cyber airport were very harsh but, a normal and tested aircraft was supposed to be able to handle that but, the GA-1002 broke apart in mid-air. Literally, the tail came off and the plane started plummeting into the water and just a fraction of a second before falling into the water, the engines caught fire and the plane exploded. This crash was visible from the airport and the coastal areas of Cyber and eye-witnesses described it as if someone were breaking the plane apart with their own hands.

The explosion was so close to the water that a yacht containing 12 people sank too, killing all of them. As for the aircraft, everyone on board died that was 345 people in total. The aircraft contained two members of the South African parliament too.

After this incident had taken place, the producers of the aircraft, Kilers Aviation came under fire and were sued. It had to pay compensation to the airline, the deceased and had to pay a hefty fine to the government of Big City, USA and Egypt. (USA, because the company was American and Egypt because the airline was Egypt and Big City-owned) The financial losses lead to the complete shut down of the company in January, 2012. People even protested against the airline for its negligence to aircraft quality, but the airline remained open and had to only pay compensation to the passengers and no additional fine.

This was the biggest plane crash in the history of Big City.


4 thoughts on “The GA-1002 Crash (#13)

  1. What would have been the reason for wrong purchase of the aircraft.How can such disasters be avoided.
    Why are such airlines allowed to continue operation.


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