The Elections of 2010 – A new party’s emergence (#14)

In the year 2010, Big City’s 3rd general elections there was the arrival of another political party- The Goggle Party (Their symbol was also a pair of goggles), it was headed by Udi Baba, a former member of the Peace Party.

Udi Baba parted ways with the Peace Party in 2006 and established his own party; the Goggle Party (GP) which gained a lot of popularity as it promised reforms in the Big Citian tax structure. Lala Amarnathpo, the multi-billionaire funded the GP’s campaign prior to the elections and was a huge supporter of the party. Udi Baba was the Prime Ministerial candidate for the party while Josef Andrews, the president from 1980 to 2000 who was unceremoniously removed from the Independence Party became a part of the Goggle Party as their presidential candidate.

The Presidential candidate for the Independence party was the current president i.e Gramen Bouclo while the Prime Ministerial candidate was Jack Jamins.

The GP’s main focus was on Dezo which accounted for 100 seats. On election day, the polls predicted the Independence Party to win but not by much.

The results were Independence Party – 123, Goggle Party- 98 and the Peace Party – 2. This result was not a huge shock but what was a shock was the results from Dezo, the Goggle party won 76 seats in Dezo, which meant that most of the representatives from Dezo were of the Goggle Party and that the Goggle Party could control Dezo without much interference from the Center. In Big City, the general elections decided that who controlled the state, if one party wins more than half of the seats from a specific state, they got considerable autonomy but if they got the maximum number of seats but not the majority (for example from 2000-2010, the Peace Party got 4 seats out of 10 in Cyber, the Choice Party and the Independence Party got 3 each, which meant that the Peace Party highest number of seats, but not the majority) then, they got some control in the state but the Center had more power and had the final say in the decisions made in the state.

Anyway back to 2010, the Goggle Party made several changes to the laws in Dezo which resulted in a surge in the Dezoan economy and they got very little criticism from the general public.

This was the start of a huge political party in Big City.

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