The Great Ice Wall (#15)

There is a very large wall of ice to the south of Big City 3km off of the Southern coast of Cyber called the Marble Bridge but is commonly referred to as the ‘Great Ice Wall‘.

The wall is presumably a part of Antarctica that broke off and is officially classified as a mountain but the steepness makes it look like a wall. It is 6,233m in height and made entirely out of ice.

The Wall is used as a tourist attraction by the Big City Government, there are expensive cabins on an artificial island made a few hundred metres away from the Wall and people can go and climb it with a guide.

The Wall has been divided into 5 tiers for security reasons. The first tier is the beginner tier, the second is the climber tier, the third is the advanced tier, the fourth is cold tier while the fifth is danger tier. The tourists are allowed to climb till the second tier (with a guide that is.), the certified climbers are allowed till the fourth tier but, only people with a one-time permission from the government are allowed to go to the fifth and largest tier.

The main incident which forced the introduction of the tier system and tight security around the Wall was something that happened in 1985, during that time the wall could be accessed via boat and people could climb it without a guide, there was a group of 15 people who decided to go to the top, even though the briefer (the people who told the climbers some basic tips and gave them advice before their climb) told them not to, nevertheless, the people started climbing and 3 of them came back down after the second tier, but the other 12 went to the middle of the fourth tier when they began experiencing drastic changes in the climate and high-speed winds began blowing, and within the blink of an eye, they were engulfed in the snow which started falling from the top.

Ten minutes after this happened, the search for them had begun and after 2 days of searching, their bodies were found dead.

After this, in order to make it easier to find people, small wireless cameras were fixed in spots in the snow in order to locate people. Since then, there have been only a few incidents resulting in injuries but no fatalities.

This was the story of the Great Ice Wall a.k.a the Marble Bridge.

2 thoughts on “The Great Ice Wall (#15)

  1. There is no mention of oxygen cylinders for the climbers. How could the climbers survive at such high altitudes without oxygen?


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