How Did Bunty Start the Him-Uq? (#16)

Today, the famous question is going to be answered – how did Bunty get into terrorism and start Him-Uq?

So, after getting kidnapped by a bunch of men, he was sold as a labourer in an underground human trafficking market at an unknown place. The person who bought him was a gang-boss and gave Bunty a gun and started using Bunty to kill people. By the age of 18, Bunty had already killed over 50 people and was next to his boss in terms of power in the local gang. When he was 20, one day, he just took his rifle out and shot his boss. The reason was that he wanted to create his own group about which he had been thinking for 2 years.

There is no information as to where he was staying at the time this was happening, he paid people tons of money to join Him-Uq and got the money from his deceased owner’s treasury. His power in the local area was so much that even the police was under his control. He had a huge amount of arsenal and he appointed a bunch of people whose main job was to rob banks to fund the terror group.

The first major attack by the Him-Uq was on July 11, 1995 in Vladivostok, Russia in which 44 people were killed and 98 were injured. Soon, they started doing assasinations and more mass bombings.

This group soon gained attention and was soon the most hated terrorist group in the whole wide world

This was the story of the evil terrorist group Him-Uq who have to be stopped someday.

6 thoughts on “How Did Bunty Start the Him-Uq? (#16)

  1. Hi Madless Movies!

    Is there a specific reason why you’ve named the terror group HIM-uq? I just feel that this is a little discriminatory against girls and women. Good job overall though! Love from England!


    1. Thanks for voicing your opinion! It is not against any gender, it is just the name of the group, I got ideas for the name from a number of current terror groups! I didn’t mean to offend anyone of any gender, relegion or nation.

      Liked by 1 person

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