The Sycrome Globe (#17)

In 2016, the Big City Association of Sports (BCAS) and the Big City Cricket Board (BCCB) got together to start the construction of the then biggest sporting stadium in the world.

The construction costed a whopping 1.2 billion USD and was funded entirely by the BCCB and the BCAS. Big Citian construction company RugCementWorx was hired to build the 130,000 capacity cricket stadium. The stadium was located in Japea, Cyber in Big City at the border of Japea and Cyberland (Japea and Cyberland are cities in the Big Citian state of Cyber).  The stadium had a half glass roof that caved in to cover the stands. It had 6 floors and a VIP section on the 3rd floor of the North stand.

It was completed in December, 2019 and the opening game was played on January 8, 2020 which was Big City vs Pakistan which was the 3rd game of the 3-match ODI series. Big City lost the game in a last-ball thriller but won the bilateral series 2-1.

One of the famous incidents during the construction was the drug-addiction. The stadium had a small basement where the team trophy cabinet was supposed to be constructed and some of the construction workers started running an illegal drug racket from the small basement. The problem started to grow and became evident as construction workers started working while on drugs and started behaving in a weird manner. On suspicion, the site manager called the police which investigated the place and caught the people running the racket, there were 6 in total and the 40 people who bought the drugs. The dealers were sentenced to death while out of the 40, 20 were given life in prison, 5 were sentenced to 10 years, 3 to 7 years, 11 to 3 years and 1 was allowed to go home after paying a fine of an undisclosed amount because he bought it only once and that too, by mistake.

The construction was stopped for 1 month and resumed in March, 2018 with a lot of new construction workers coming in and an eye being kept on them. Luckily, there were no more such incidents in the stadium ever again.

The stadium is now home to the Big City National Cricket Team, the Cyber Sweep T20 Franchise and the Cyber Inter-State Championship side. 

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