The Big City National Anthem (#18)

Zemo nem tlig frado’citome toof prod socti nale rim, contron hilon zemo sil samre, rim nasali prod, rim contron ali nem bate! Ali nem bate!

Rim nasali prod cil’o’hatape!

Tlig Frado! Tlig Frado! Tlig Frado!

This anthem is just saying how proud we are of our country, here’s the English translation:  

We, the Big City citizens are proud to have our country, we have hills, ice and sand, we are prouder than ever! We are prouder than ever!

And will remain proud forever!

Big City! Big City! Big  City!

This was written in 1946 by Bournou Jidseg

I will try and sing the anthem a bit later!

5 thoughts on “The Big City National Anthem (#18)

  1. I uploaded it just one day after #17 because this is not actually a story, this is just to tell you about the national anthems and another thing the ‘d’s and ‘t’s are pronunced like they are in Italian and French not like in English!


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