The Australian District of Big City (#21)

The Australian District of Big City (ADBC) is a part of the Fezo island which actually belongs to Australia. It is a chunk of land in the north-east corner of the Fezo island and was established as an Australian territory in 1947.

The ADBC was called ‘East Fezo’ before it became a part of Australia in 1947. It wasn’t annexed by Australia or anything, the main reason for the transfer of the city was because (according to the 1945 census) 97.8% of the residents of East Fezo were Australian citizens, 2% had applied for the Australian citizenship and the rest were Big Citians. The 0.2% of Big Citians who hadn’t applied for the Big Citian citizenship lived in a seperate community on the border of Rouzaki (a city in Fezo) and East Fezo . 

On June 2, 1946 the Big City Supreme Court declared that East Fezo will become a part of Australia and Australia agreed to pay Big City a price of $3 billion as a compensation.

Till date, No passport or visa is required to enter ADBC through the Fezo border, you just need one piece of ID proof like a driver’s license or something else. The formation of ADBC got very little opposition and proved to be a succesful decision as, being a part of Australia the Australians living in ADBC could freely move to the main land without having any passport and could live in their own country.

The reason that so many Australians lived in ADBC was because of an Australian church called St.Vincent’s Cathedral being there. The church attracted priests, devotees and many other people for the maintainance of the church and most of these people were Australian and slowly over the years, a whole Australian community formed in East Fezo (now, ADBC).

The ADBC has a small airport which takes the passengers to Rouzaki, Fezo from where the passengers can go to Sydney or Brisbane via the Rouzaki International Airport without requiring any passport, only an ‘ADBC Card’ is required which identifies any Australian citizen currently residing in ADBC.

The ADBC to Perth shipline was also established in 1960 by SeaConnekt™ (An Australian-based ship travel company) which went to and fro from Perth to ADBC once a day on all weekdays except for Tuesdays and twice a day on weekends and the schedule has remained the same ever since.

5 thoughts on “The Australian District of Big City (#21)

  1. Dear Blogger,

    How is the weather in ADBC?

    What kind of resorts and places of interest are there?

    Are there any monuments?

    If you recommend I may want to go for holiday in ADBC.



    1. It is freezing cold in the winters and a cool and sunny weather in the summers.

      There are many hotels over there such as the Lobeste’s (a hotel chain in Big City) and a resort by the Indian Ocean too.

      It is a fictional country, if I become a multi-billionaire, I will buy islands and make a replica of Big City!!! 🙂


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