Lala Amarnathpo Enters Politics (#22)

Lala Amarnathpo, the multi-billionaire entered the field of politics as he started campaigning for the Goggle Party (GP) which was headed by Mr. Udi Baba who was also the party’s Prime Ministerial candidate.

He was a strong supporter of the party because of its proposed Big Citian tax structure and this would affect him a lot as he was also a businessman. He donated a few million amires to Goggle Party’s campaign and gave two or three speeches too, even though he was not a candidate for any district or city.

Him supporting the Goggle Party helped the party a lot because he influenced a lot of people with his speeches. The year in which he entered politics (2010) saw a decline in the revenue generated by Amarnathpo’s fashion company Lala Finza. The next year (2011) he started focusing on his company again because he admitted that he had neglected it a bit in 2010. He introduced many new designs and ran mass advertising campaigns which saw Lala Finza make a record turnover. The following years, the annual turnover kept rising steadily.

Even though he was not a represantative, Lala Amarnathpo had considerable say in the making of the new laws in Dezo. Because Goggle Party had a state government and not a central government, the Party couldn’t make any major changes to the tax structure as it had to be uniform throughout the country.

Over the course of the next few years, Lala Amarnathpo and Udi Baba became very good friends and in no time, 2020 came and it was time for the 4th General elections of Big City.

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