Bunty Strikes Again! (#25)

On 20th October, 2020 while most of the Big Citians were busy celebrating their 75th Independence Day tragedy struck.

In a local gathering Big City of around 300 people in Gronade, SOBC, in a public park, five men wearing gray jumpsuits and masks on their faces opened fire on the crowd from different angles, as soon as the crowd started to flee, a bomb went off killing 288 people, including the five terrorists. This was the biggest terrorist disaster in the history of Big City at that time. Some 3 minutes after this, the Him-Uq (a terrorist organization) posted a video on a social media platform, taking responsibility of this crime with Bunty himself, admitting to have masterminded the whole attack. The Big Citian government set aside a task force with the objective of killing Bunty and the force was called the Terrorism Extinction and Peace Soldiers (TEPS) and as per orders from the Prime Minister, a new ministry was formed, the ‘Peace Ministry‘ which was formed in a bid to fight terrorism in the country by strategizing and formulating plans.

This terrified people across the globe as Bunty also threatened countries like India, Japan, China, USA, Canada and Russia in his video release after the attack. Countries started preparing themselves for terrorist attacks as well, scared by the attacks in Big City and world leaders started giving speeches on how to combat terrorism at the United Nations. Awareness started to spread on how to protect yourselves during a terrorist attack and police started getting special training too. This was a huge task because terrorism could take place anytime and anywhere.

Bunty’s aim was to gain control and power in Big City and become a powerful man, he also claimed that Him-Uq had ‘acquired’ advanced military equipment from an unknown source and are ready to use them against any country that challenged them.

The fight against terrorism is a huge one, who will win it?


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