The Big City Football League (BFL)

This is the list of teams in the BFL (as of 2090) and their home stadiums, I will write about them tommorow:

Each team plays each other home and away and plays a total of 38 games over the course of 9 months:

At the end of every season, 3 teams get relegated to the 2nd division (BFL 2) from the BFL and 3 from the BFL 2 qualify for the BFL. For more information about anything else regarding this league, ask me in the comments section.

  1. Australian Jays (Stadium of Jays)
  2. West Fezo FC (West Fezo Park)
  3. Dezo FC (Dezo Football Ground)
  4. Big City FC (Creighton Stadium)
  5. Cyber Chaos (Morgan Palace)
  6. Proaste Klemphs (Proaste Association Field)
  7. Ran City (Prism Palace)
  8. Rouzaki Jebe (Jebe Mansion)
  9. Jaso FC (Jaso Park)
  10. Japea Jackals (Jackals’ Den)
  11. Sea Seals (Seaside Stadium)
  12. Lona Waves (Island Barrel)
  13. Ley35 (Cadburry Stadium)
  14. IDBC Football Club (Orange Dome)
  15. Coandra Cats (The Cat Complex)
  16. Coandra Might (Champions’ Stadium)
  17. Nolaze Arrow (Nolaze Vendro)
  18. Jones CF (Fasau Vendro)
  19. Gronade Climbers (Crosslane Road)
  20. Founder’s FC (Founder’s Stadium)

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