The Elections of 2020 – Change in the Leadership (#27)

In the 2020 general elections, there was a new and very strong party, the Goggle Party. The Goggle Party started a mass-campaign as they had the financial banking of Mr. Lala Amarnathpo, the multi-billionaire.

Lala was an avid supporter of the party and gave lots of speeches too. On the other hand, the Independence Party was suffering due to the bankruptcy of its financial partner, the Maxwell Firm. Due to the Firm’s bankruptcy, the campaign was not being funded and donations weren’t enough because most of the rich class were supporters of the Goggle Party and the Independence Party supporters were mostly middle-class and lower-class family members. The Goggle Party gained massive support in Dezo and Fezo and these two areas made up more than 60% of the voteshare. 

The Goggle Party focused on these two areas and the two main things it promised to the citizens were; tax reform in all of Big City and easier domestic travel (price cuts). People wanted the tax reform as it had proved to be successful in Dezo (See Blog #14 ). Slowly, as 2020 approached, Lala Amarnathpo’s net worth touched $70 billion and money became no object for the party. He was now fully engrossed in politics but, he was still managing the business and was doing well on both fronts.

Udi Baba was the Prime Ministerial candidate at the time. He launched the ‘EASY MONEY ACCESS Tax Reform‘  or commonly refered to as the ‘EMA Tax Reform’ and made it available to the public. It was a 350-page booklet which had all the information about the proposed tax structure and was available for free on the party’s official website.

On April 5, 2020 just 20 days before the elections, it was announced that Lala Amarnathpo will be the Prime Ministerial candidate while the original PM candidate, Udi Baba would become the Presidential candidate. This was a welcome change and increased the party’s chance of winning.

Soon, it was voting day and the next day, the results were out; Goggle Party : 195 seats, Independence Party : 28 seats. Goggle Party set the record for the biggest margin of victory and it was also the first time that all 223 seats went to just two parties.

Soon after, Lala Amarnathpo was sworn in as the 4th Prime Minister of Big City but he still continued his brand, Lala Finza and Udi Baba was also sworn in as the President.  The new government delivered its promises and the tax reform took place within a year and a half’s time while domestic travel costs were cut along with many other changes.

How long will this government last?

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