The Earthquake of 2022 (#28)

On 10th May, 2022 tragedy struck Big City yet again.

An earthquake, measured 7.5 on the Richter scale took place in the city of Jones, Fezo and caused a massive 8,530 deaths and injured over 25,000 people. The two-year old government saw this as the biggest task of the year and made a Jones Rebuild Commission or the JRC which was responsible for the shelter and food of the victims and also for rebuilding th destructed parts of the town.

The destruction caused was immense but, the government was hailed as it funded the JRC for the rebuilding of all private and public property. The non-insured people were given insurance and were provided medical care free of cost. Apart from the loss of human lives and destruction of buildings, the Gandium Lake of Big City which was situated at the border of Jones started overflowing and as the overflowing water reached the forest, it took the fish with it and as soon as the water evaporated, the fish were stranded and died. The number of fish dead was a lot and the dead fish were now being used to satisfy the hunger of the victims of the earthquake.

On 16th May, 2022, the Prime Minister of the country, Mr. Lala Amarnathpo visited Jones to meet the victims and donated $20 million from his personal bank account. His company, Lala Finza created a black dhoti (See blog #8) in order to remember those who passed away during the earthquake and 40% of the money earned off of those dhotis was also given to the JRS.

Black armbands were worn during sporting events for a one-week period and a #DonateToJones started trending on Twitter which worked in order to provide money for those injured and those who became homeless due to the Earthquake.

Slowly, as things calmed down, people even started suggesting that Him-Uq played a role in the earthquake but, these were just vague theories and ideas which were soon dismissed by others as they seemed a little too far-fetched.

People just hoped that this doesn’t happen ever again.

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