Fittin Amarnathpo (#29)

Fittin Amarnathpo is the youngest of the Amarnathpo brothers (see blog #5, #8,How Did Bunty Start the Him-Uq? (#16))

He is known for being very intelligent and is the current Army Chief of the Big City National Army. He was born in Big City, unlike Lala and Bunty and had a desire to join the army. He graduated from Havard University in the USA but, he didn’t pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering instead, he tried for the Big City National Army just 3 days after his graduation.

He passed the trial and was made a junior soldier. He slowly rose up the ranks and a few decades later, he became the army chief. He was still close with his eldest brother, Lala Amarnathpo (The Current Prime Minister of Big City) but, his ultimate goal was to bring Bunty Amarnathpo, his elder brother to justice as he was world-known terrorist responsible for hundreds of deaths of innocent people.

When Ms. Viola Christ, the then Prime Minister of Big City was assasinated by one of the Him-Uq members (Him-Uq was the terrorist group which was headed by Bunty Amarnathpo), Fittin Amarnathpo decided to create a task force to capture Bunty, dead or alive.

When he found out that Bunty was his long-lost brother, for the first few days, he couldn’t believe it and after that, he stated:

 “Bunty is a huge disgrace to the Amarnathpo family. He may be my biological sibling, but I still refuse to accept him as a member of my own family or as a brother. No brother of mine kills countless innocent men, women and children.”

After this interview was posted on the Big Citian Government’s official website, people rose in support of Fittin and many still don’t believe that Bunty is his brother despite, irrefutable evidence suggesting otherwise.

Fittin is loyal to his nation and is a fantastic soldier!

Zemo prod Das Flemme!

Zemo prod Tlig Frado!



2 thoughts on “Fittin Amarnathpo (#29)

  1. Pls. explain the meaning of the below & could you throw some light on this interesting language:

    Zemo prod Das Flemme!
    Zemo prod Tlig Frado!


    1. We are proud of the Flame!
      We are proud of Big City!
      Thanks for your comment and I will publish a list of a few basic words in Benoz and their English translation in the month of March only!


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