Fly Vehicle (#30)

Founded in 2004, Fly Vehicle is the leading automobile company in Big City.

It was founded by the son of a taxi driver in Big City, Kevin Shine. The company produces sports and its first model was the FV 365 which sold for approximately $950,000 (USD) or 600,000 Amires. The car was sleek and modern and was bought by the second-richest man in Big City, Jack Jones on the day of its launch.

The first factory was set up in Coandra, Dezo, Big City and the cost to build the factory was a bit low as the government provided the land for a very low sum and the taxes were also very low because the government felt that this would provide employment to many locals. Slowly, Fly Vehicle started to expand and they started to export too. By 2012, they had opened two more factories, one Jones, Fezo, Big City and another in Lansing, Michigan, USA. The production volume increased and new models were launched such as the FV 366 (2008) and FV Tiger (2011) and a few more.

In 2016, as businees was booming, the founder and the CEO met with the Board and it was decided that, in order to increase business and reach out to a larger range of people, they would start making sedans and family cars too, which are less expensive for the customers.

But, they wanted to maintain the luxury of the company, Fly Vehicle and therefore, they founded a new company, Varones Motor Co. which was named after the original name of Coandra, the place where the first factory was made. The Varones cars started manufacturing in 2017 in the Fly Vehicle factories only. The first model was called the Varone Panther and was a sedan.

Both the companies expanded rapidly and by 2020, the owner, Kevin Shine’s net worth reached over a billion US dollars.

This remains to be the leading automobile company in Big City.

4 thoughts on “Fly Vehicle (#30)

  1. When is the company likely to launch vehicles which can fly over the traffic in crowded cities?
    Will these vehicles be available in India?


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