David Cykweel (#31)

David Cycwheel, Nobel Laureate and a brilliant scientist.

He was born into a rich family living in Ran City and is often considered as the best scientist alive. He is also an inventor in addition to being a scientist. He is best know for inventing the OpenJet (A type of aircraft) and for finding a way to determine the age of any animal within a few seconds. (The Cykweel Age Method)

He created a handheld gadget which used the Cykweel Age Method to determine the age of any animal. He is also one of the richest in Big City with an estimated net worth of around $5.5 billion. His brother, Thomas Cykweel is a pharmaceutical scientist and along with him, he opened Cykweel Green Leaf Company (A pharmaceutical company) and the Cykweel Brothers Co. which sells products created/invented by David Cykweel.

Their company Headquarters are in the Cykweel Towers, Gronade, State of Big City. The Cykweel towers is a 30-story building.

The OpenJet was another company owned by David Cykweel but was sold to Lala Amarnathpo for $8 billion just 5 years after it was formed. The two brothers also run a charity for rescue puppies called PAW (Puppers Always Win).

David Cykweel won the highest citizen honour of Big City, the Creighton Medal in 2030.

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