2026 Winter Olympics (#32)

On 3rd June, 2026 Big City hosted its first ever Olympic Games; the XXV Winter Olympic Games. The games took place while most of the world was enjoying summer in the northern hemisphere.

The host city was Jones, Fezo and was bid ahead of Oslo (Norway), Calagary (Canada), Stockholm (Sweden) and Srinagar (India). They got 3 more votes than Oslo and were announced as hosts in July, 2020.

Many arenas were built specifically for hosting the games such as the 30,000-seater Creighton Ice Hockey Centre which holds the world record for largest ice hockey centre by capacity. The Klengzgen Curling Centre was also constructed because there was only one curling centre in the city of Jones which had a capacity of only 80-90 people. The Jones Olympic Stadium was renovated to increase the capacity to 45,000 people to host the opening and closing ceremonies. Only the cross-country skiing event took place outside of Jones, in Corna, a neighbouring city.

The torch relay had a total of 6,800 torch bearers with former bobsleigher, Tom Gejbzer (Pronounced: Tom Gaivzer) lighting the Olympic cauldron.

Big City were predicted to get one gold, two silvers and two bronze by the BetFast (Big City’s leading betting company) and ClickBet. Big City’s best bet was 20-year old Alpine skier, Martin Gebjzer, the son of Tom Gejbzer.

But, Big City exceeded all expectation by winning 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 5 bronze medals. Six more medals than the predicted total. Martin Gebjer won two golds in two different Alpine Skiing events.

The winner of the games was Netherlands with 13 golds and Big City finished in 10th. The Big City Olympic Committee (BCOC) announced prizes for all podium finishers and Martin Gejbzer was awarded the Tlig Frado Sports Honour Award.

This was a turning point in Big City winter sports.

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