The Gronade Agreement (#33)

On 20, October, 2021; on Big City’s 76th Independence Day and on the 1st anniversary of the Gronade massacre, Lala Amarnathpo and Fittin Amarnathpo signed the famous Gronade Agreement at the Gronade Town Hall during a ceremony.

This agreement stated that the government and the army will work together to fight terrorism and “get revenge for Gronade”. This also alloted 15% of the total army funds to develop the Anti-Terrorism Wing (ATW). Fittin Amarnathpo was appointed head of the ATW and he was also the Army Chief.

The first aim of this ATW was to locate the exact area where Bunty and his followers were hiding and were functioning from. They stationed a few ships and tanks on borders permanently to strike down the Him-Uq or any other terrorist group should they try to enter. Security was heavily increased at airports, shopping malls and stadiums.

On 31st December, 2021; it was announced that any citizen who would be able to locate Bunty would get 1 million Amires as a reward.

This reminded people of the USA’s search for Bin Laden due to many similarities between the two missions.

This was a major point in Big City’s fight against terrorism.

3 thoughts on “The Gronade Agreement (#33)

  1. In 2014 the Pakistan Army and their government had announced a National Action Plan (NAP) to fight terrorism. This sounds quite similar to that.

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