Junkyard (#35)

Junkyard Chocolate Co. is a multi-billion dollar chocolate-producing company based in Big City. The owner, Jack Jones is the third richest person in Big City, worth almost $38 billion.

In 2012, Jack Jones was a garbage-collector who got an oppurtunity to buy three garbage pickup trucks for basically nothing. These trucks were in a very poor condition and pickup trucks had been discontinued for garbage collection due to the smell. Jones decided to get a loan and bought all three trucks without any plan for any of them.

He felt that before trying to do anything with them, he had to get them restored and there, at the Big City Restoration Centre he got an idea that changed his life: chocolate. While the restorer was cleaning up the car, Jones referred to the mud on the car as “chocolate” and within that moment he made up his mind about starting a “Chocolate Catering Service”.

His idea was new, he wanted to cater all kinds of chocolates from all brands to people within the city of Nyora, Fezo. He named his brand ChocoMud and took a huge loan for its branding and developed a mobile app for the service.

His company grew popular within a few months but, he only had 3 vehicles and often, he couldn’t deliver to everyone due to the vehicles being busy. Within 8 months, he reaped fabulous profits and paid his loans off and bought seven new pickup trucks and two small lorries. He didn’t expect his brand to grow so popular in Nyora and before expanding to other cities, he got sued.

A local chocolate manufacturer called ‘Nyora Choco Bars’ sued ChocoMud as it claimed that the catering company broke the contract by paying them just 65% of the share rather than the agreed upon 75%.  ChocoMud claimed that it was a miscalculation on their part but was forced to shut down just one and a half years after starting.

In a 2015 interview, Jack Jones said:

“This is stupid, we will get sued even if we miscalculate 1%, I should just open my own chocolate brand.”

He had said this out of frustration so when he announced his company, ‘Junkyard’ (As his first three trucks were bought from a junkyard where he worked) on May 1, 2015; everyone was taken aback. His financial situation was not ideal to start a company but, he took a risk by mortgaging his everything and opened his first factory which was pretty small but it gained recognition as the leading newspaper of Big City, The Big City Daily published an article about Jones and his company and how a garbage collector opened a chocolate company. Plus, people in Nyora were also familiar with ChocoMud so, when it came to their knowledge that the owner of ChocoMud was opening his own company, people decided to give it a shot.

On May 10, 2015 the first batch went up on sale in Nyora and Corna in Fezo and the flavours were milk chocolate and rich almond. People found the milk chocolate flavour very nice but, it was the rich almond flavour that stole the show. People criticised other companies for the lack of almonds and other things in the chocolate bars after trying Junkyard’s version. Just like ChocoMud, it also reaped a fabulous profit in its opening year and became an overnight sensation. People living overseas heard about this brand and started getting it imported too. By December 2020, Junkyard became a Fortune-500-Company and became huge.

Jones considered himself lucky because of the company’s success and also admitted he was a bit skeptical of the name ‘Junkyard’ at first but, it all worked out eventually. That is how, a garbage-man became the owner of a company with over 18,000 employees under it.

In 2090, it has over 80 flavours ranging from the classic milk chocolate to seaweed flavour. Junkyard also has a small airline with one cargo plane and three passenger planes called , “Air Chocolate by Junkyard”. The cargo plane is a Skycar (A Big Citian airplane manufacturer) 200 with a size similar to that of a Boeing 777 and the three passenger aircrafts are two Boeing 777X and one Bombardier q400. It primarily travels within Big City but has six international destinations too; Perth, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Johannesburg, South Africa; Singapore and Kula Lampur, Malaysia.

7 thoughts on “Junkyard (#35)

  1. Inspiring and most heart warming. Keep it up. We always look forward to your blogs.
    I know that the day is not far off when you would be an even bigger success than Jack Jones.


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