Code V! (#37)

“‘Code V! Code V!”

This was the phrase the Prime Ministerial bodyguards and the National VIP Security Officers (NVSOs) kept yelling into their walkie-talkies on July 8th of 2028 because Lala Amarnathpo had been shot at, twice.

Lala Amarnathpo and Mr. Udi Baba, the Prime Minister and the President of Big City were walking towards the stage in the Saturn Hall (President’s House) to give the closing address after the unveiling of the latest aircraft design by Skycar. Udi Baba got onto the stage first and stepped onto the podium and Lala Amarnathpo followed. But, the moment Amarnathpo stepped onto the podium, two shots fired in quick succession.  The Code V was a code that signalled that the Prime Minister was in critical danger and this was the situation here.

Luckily, the first shot missed Amarnathpo but, the second one did hit him, in the stomach. Amarnathpo collapsed right then and there. Medics rushed onto the stage and started the procedures while the Prime Minister was hauled onto a stretcher. In the midst of this, bodyguards shielded the President, Udi Baba and got him off stage and led him into a room for protection. A unit of police was despatched to hunt for the shooter almost immediately. Lala Amarnathpo arrived at the hospital, everyone in the auditorium believed that he won’t be able to survive and as soon as news got out that Lala Amarnathpo, the richest man in Big City and more importantly, the Prime Minister had been shot at, there was chaos in Ran City. People rushed to the gates of the National Medical Care Centre of Ran. (aka the NMCCR)

People were hoping that the Prime Minister recovers.

Meanwhile, inside the hospital, Lala Amarnthpo was still breathing but was unconscious. A series of operations were performed on the Prime Minister by one of the best doctors on the planet and a lot of doctors were flown in from India, the USA, the UK etc. No information regarder Lala Amarnthpo’s condition was revealed till about 6AM, the next morning.

The news was a big relief to all; Lala Amarnathpo had regained conciousness and was doing better but, he still wasn’t ready to be discharged. This news was celebrated with that day being declared a holiday by many schools, offices and institutions. At almost 10 AM, a photo was tweeted of the Prime Minister by the President with Lala Amarnathpo smiling and giving a ‘thumbs-up’ sign. Some 4 or 5 days later, the Prime Minister was discharged from the office and but, he stayed in a wheelchair for almost one and a half months.

In a later interview, he described that shot as the most painful thing ever and said that he wished those two months never happened.

But, the other thing that was going on simultaneous to the shot was the investigation about who shot the bullet. The answer was clear; Bunty Amarnathpo. But how did he manage to?

Read next blog to know about the investigation part of the assassination attempt.

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