The Investigation (#38)

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Just twenty seconds before the shots were fired, Bunty had uploaded a five second clip with the text “Your Prime Minister Will Be Dead Very Soon, Big City” in red and bold letters. This was uploaded on a website which was open for just over an hour and had been shut down by the Big City government. The website was (Not a real website)

No one knew of the video before Him-Uq claimed responsibility for the attack some twenty minutes after the shots were fired. As for the shooter, the search for him was still going on. A section of the Saturn Hall was sealed and the security around the boundaries was increased heavily.

22 hours after the shots, the shooter, Zamil el-Amer was caught trying to bribe his way out of the Saturn Hall. He was interrogated and after various unspeakable methods, he finally confessed the plan and told the police about how he managed to enter the Saturn Hall with a weapon.

He gave a full account of the plan and details:

“I had two guns, Beretta M1934s which I had smuggled into the country from Rouzaki, Fezo, using a boat. I came into the Saturn Hall claiming to be a news reporter from Qatar and as for the guns, I slid them under a hole in the boundary which had been noticed by one of our members some two weeks before the event. It was relatively easy. I bribed a janitor who let me go up to the control area of the auditorium and from there, I took the shot and ran away.”

After this news broke out due to a press leak, people started questioning the security at the Saturn Hall and the integrity of the workers there. The janitor was quickly identified by the investigators and was imprisoned for life and the hole was quickly fixed and the construction company which had constructed the wall was blamed for the poor quality of the wall which almost costed the Prime Minister his life. The head of the wall construction project of the Saturn Hall was imprisoned for 7 years and the security guards were also fired for not having done adequate identity checking of Zamil el-Amer.

No public or media was allowed to enter the Saturn Hall for six months as the revamping of the security systems was being done.

On 3rd October, 2028 at 2:30 AM BCST (Big City Standard Time GMT+10); Zamil el-Amer was hanged by Big Citian authorities after spending nearly 3 months in captivity.

This incident shook the whole nation and people started realizing that the Him-Uq was much more than what they thought it was.

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