Universal Exploration and Discovery Unit (#40)

The Universal Exploration and Discovery Unit or the UEDU is a private space programme headquartered in Nolaze, Cyber.

The owner is the Johnson & Crawley Holdings Group. The company is worth over $20 billion and is profitable.

The UEDU started its operations by inaugurating the Katherine Crawley Space Center at Brainow in Dezo. This was inaugurated on October, 19, 2018 i.e one day before the country’s 73rd Independence Day.

The first rocket was unveiled by the head of the UEDU, Carolina Crawley and was called “Independence 73” as it took its first flight on Big City’s 73rd Independence Day.

The UEDU was a fierce competitor of SpaceX and both of these organisations were in a race to reach Mars. The UEDU was the first to introduce Space Tourism in March, 2020 and it scheduled regular launches for every week which took the 10 passengers and 2 crew members on a short flight to see the Earth from space. They had found a cost-effective way to launch rockets every week without losing a lot of money.

The UEDU lured in 3 astronauts from NASA and trained 2 more to launch their first manned mission to the Mars. The mission took place in the summer of 2022 and was viewed by over 1.5 billion people worldwide. The rocket was called “Aries” and it launched at 8 AM local time at the Katherine Crawley Space Center.

The rocket took off and  landed on the Mars after three months and the landing was made so that it seemed similar to that of the Moon Landing and the first person to step on Mars, Jerome Garrison quoted:

“This is it. We have reached the pinnacle of excellence. Back on the planet we are divided into nations, today, right here, we represent Earth.”

The UEDU even planted the flag of the United Nations on the surface of Mars along with the flag of Big City.

The UEDU got many donations from notable people on accomplishing this mission and was encouraged to keep doing good for the human race. SpaceX reached Mars some two months later.

In the mission Miczione Aras (Translation from Benoz to English – “Mission Mars”), each astronaut was paid $8 million and all of them were given the Creighton Medal by the Big Citian government even though 2 of them were not even citizens of the country, they were American and Russian.

The names of these astronauts were inscribed in the “Stone of Fame”.(Similar to the Hall of Fame)

Big City space exploration only improved from that point on.

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