Stage Collapse of 2032 (#41)

On 3rd December, 2032 a wooden stage, 17 metres off of the ground collapsed killing one person and injuring a few others.

The Junkyard Chocolate Company owner and CEO Jack Jones was demonstrating his company’s new chocolate called the “12 second rule” which could stay on ground for a minimum 12.035 seconds before germs got onto. But, this chocolate was only possible with the hazelnut flavour.

So, Jack Jones took out a bar of chocolate with its wrapper peeled off and put a tray of dirt under a dirt scanner to determine the germs on any substance. (The higher amount of purple colour, the more contaminated, the more green colour, the less contaminated) He showed the chocolate under the scanner and it was completely green on the screen while the dirt was purple and when he kept it on the soil, it stayed like that for around 12 seconds before it started becoming purple rapidly.

The cloud started to applaud and Jack Jones took his famous bow and that is when it happened.

The wooden stage collapsed and the 8 people on-stage fell from that height.

An average human usually dies falling from a height of 15 meters or above but, only one person died in this case.

The stage was so high because the audience was seated on a small hill in Nolaze, when the stage collapsed, everyone fell to the ground and covered their heads except two people who tried to jump off of the stage. One of them did so successfully but, the other died as soon as he hit the ground.

The other person who jumped off sustained minor injuries but, Jack Jones and two others lost consciousness while the rest of them also got injured badly. All of them were hospitalized and the person who died, Juan Calbertose was the Head of Experiments of the Junkyard Chocolate Company. Juan was declared brought dead and out of the seven admitted, three were discharged within 24 hours and the rest of them were discharged within 3 days. But, Jack Jones’ operations kept going on as he sustained the most injuries because he was on a raised platform which had a setup with a rod. A part of that rod broke and pierced through Jones’ arm while a large piece of wood at the centre of the stage also stabbed Jones in his stomach.

This happened 4 years after Lala Amarnathpo’s assassination attempt and newspapers started printing about how it has been a bad time for famous personalities.

Thanks to Jones’ fitness and health, he was able to recover within one or one and a half weeks and was up and about within three to four weeks.

During all this drama, the focus shifted to Sun Wood Constructions Co. (SWCC) which had built the stage. After extensive investigation, the blame was lifted from SWCC as, the stage had passed all government-verified quality checks but, the problem was that some staff member had tampered with the stage or loosened something up.

Soon, the police started internal investigation and very quickly, through CCTV footage, they found out that the man responsible was Henrique Anderson who was a cleaner who was cleaning the screws of the stage in a wrong manner which led them to become loose and even bent them a little bit. Although it was proved that Anderson’s intentions were not to sabotage the presentation and cause injury and death, he was still sentenced to 5 years in prison due to his negligence.

Jack Jones gave an undisclosed amount of compensation to the family of Juan Calbertose and also honoured him by producing chocolate bars with a black band over them for a week with initials JC on them.

This was a really traumatizing experience for all present there.

5 thoughts on “Stage Collapse of 2032 (#41)

  1. Quite captivating. It almost feels as if Juan Calbertose is for real but the best part of this episode is the 12 second Germ theory Chocolate. No worries on dropping & eating hazelnut chocolates.😄😄😄

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  2. I wounder if SWCCI had trained their staff on how to handle the stage equipment. Did Henrique Anderson failed to follow instructions or was he made a scapegoat? This should be investigated

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