National Carrier 360 (#42)

The National Carrier 360 is the official aircraft of the Prime Minister of Big City, Lala Amarnathpo.

It was made by the leading aircraft producing company of Big City, Skycar.

The Big City government had Skycar make a unique design for their prime ministerial aircraft. This aircraft model was called the “PM 360” and had a ton of special features.

The aircraft body was made from a special lightweight bullet and explosion-proof alloy and the cost of buying the alloy alone was enough to buy two Boeing 777s. Then, the glass was also of high quality and military-grade tyres and doors were imported from Russia. The aircraft was painted white with streaks of purple, red and blue. The interior is also very luxurious and posh.

The front entry is for the media who sit on normal airline type first class seats but, all the government officials, VIPs and the Prime Minister himself sit at the back with seperate rooms. The rooms are just like hotel rooms and there is also a meeting room and a press conference room where the Prime Minister can speak if some event of national concern takes place while he is in the air. The Prime Minister also has an office, bathroom and a dining hall.

The press conference has been used twice as of 2030; once in 1991 by Viola Christ (Then Prime Minister) when a fleet of 12 Big Citian military aircrafts were shot down while flying over China and once by the Deputy Prime Minister, Cameron Joseph when he was flying to Los Angeles to attend the opening ceremony of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games. These broadcasts are edited to remove the vibration sounds of the airplane and to stabilise the video.

A lot of the security mechanisms in the plane are unknown to the public but, a lot of things are known. The hallway to enter the VIP section of the aircraft has finger scanners, retina scanners and motion detectors and also, the room of the Prime Minister is always fully stocked with supplies such as food and water and also has lifeboat under the floor and also has an emergency exit.

The plane lands on runway ‘360 November North’ which can only be used by 5 aircrafts in the entire world, the Ilyushin Il-96-300PU (Russia), the Air India One (India), the Air Force One (USA), the Cotam 001 (France) and the National Carrier 360 (Big City).

The heads of states of other countries (apart from those mentioned above) are also not allowed to use runway ‘360 November North’.

This runway is walled off by bomb-proof and bullet-proof walls and it has a direct railway line to the Jupiter Hall (Prime Minister’s House) and the Saturn Hall (the President’s house).

The aircraft has two cockpits; one is active and the other is standby and always has four pilots on standby in case of an emergency. The plane always flies over the sea with two air force planes following it closely behind but that is only during short flights.

The National Carrier 360 is considered as one of the most secure aircrafts in the entire world.


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