Gohnner (#43)

Gohnner is a very popular movie series made in Big City and it is often considered as a “generic action movie”.

The Gohnner series holds the record for the most consecutive Oscar wins in a movie series. The Gohnner series consists of 21 movies spanning over 20 years with one movie being released each year on 20th October (Independence Day).

Gohnner 1 through 18 and Gohnner 21 all got at least one Oscar and Gohnner 3 holds the record for the most, winning 8 Oscars. Gohnner 1, 2, 8, 12 and 16 have won 5 Oscars and the rest are under that with Gohnner 19 and Gohnner 20 winning no Oscars.

The first movie begins with an 18-year old Jonathan Gohnner being gifted a pistol with his name inscribed onto it, he lives in Dezo in a remote and very backward town with a high crime rate and practically no justice system. He uses the pistol to act as the sheriff of the town and starts shooting all the lawbreakers in the leg and hands them over to the police in a nearby town. Though he shoots several people in the first movie, he killed no one. The movie ends with Gohnner being chased by a gang of twenty five men as he got many people arrested. This first movie was released on 20th October, 2020 and the actor, Christopher Hall signed a deal for four more movies as soon as the first movie won the five Oscars with the 18-year old Christopher Hall winning the award for the best actor.

The series went on with a super-hit sequels being released one after the other with Christopher Hall becoming the highest paid actor by the release of Gohnner 8 on 20th October, 2028. The series saw Gohnner transition from a reckless and fast-paced youth to a skilled and intelligent marksman.

In each movie, he has a main motive and a mastermind criminal whom he has to bring to justice. By Gohnner 4, he started to fight criminals not just in his hometown but all over the world.

He went to Tokyo in Gohnner 5, Boston in Gohnner 6, Delhi in Gohnner 10, Durban in Gohnner 12, Berlin in Gohnner 17 and Manchester in Gohnner 20.

The series ends at Gohnner 21 at the end of which the main character, Jonathan Gohnner dies in a warehouse after being shot by his partner of seven years after Gohnner killed his partner’s brother who was actually running an assasination group.

The reason that the Gohnner series was ended was due to Christopher Hall, the movie director, the writers and the producers running out of storylines and by Gohnner 18 and 19 people started complaining about repetitive stories.

Christopher Hall has only made Gohnner movies in his entire life but, he is also plays the leading role in a Big Citian sitcom.

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