Lona (#44)

Lona is an the only island of Big City which is not a separate state. Big City consists of six islands (but it is often called five because Lona is very small) and five of them are states while Lona is a part of Dezo.

Lona was not a part of Big City until 2016.

Many Big Citian laws applied to Lona and the Lonans were allowed to represent Big City in any sport but, until 2015, it was a part of the United Kingdom. It recognized the Queen as its head of state.

Lonans were allowed to hold dual citizenship of the UK and Big City by signing up for a “National Citizen Permit” and paying a fee of just 5 Amires. So, for all practical purposes, Lona was a part of Big City even under British rule.

Lona was a very important and busy port and Big City had to pay a commission to the UK on a monthly basis to use the port without any additional taxes. Big City started realizing the importance of Lona in terms of trade, Lona was also a very big touristic spot.

The UK also started realizing how expensive it would be to run its operations in Lona from the UK after the Big City government also started charging the UK for its services to Lona in 2013.

Soon, the two governments realized that it wasn’t practical to have Lona as a part of the UK. But, as Big City would profit from Lona becoming a part of Big City, the UK asked Big City for a compensation of $900 million which the Big Citian government agreed upon.

There was also a referendum held in Lona to see if the Lonans were willing to join Big City and the results were – 97.3% voted ‘YES’ while the remaining voted ‘NO’.

So it was settled. On 16th May, 2016 all paper work was complete and at 12:00 AM GMT, Lona officially became a part of Big City.

This often reminded people of Alaska.

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