The Great German War of 2000 : The Cause (#45)

On 5th May, 2000; the Germans declared war on Big City after tensions continued to rise between the two countries in the Indian Ocean.

On 8th January, 2000, the Big City navy had found an uninhabited yet large island in the Indian Ocean while they were going to a naval meet with the Royal Navy. The Naval Meet scheduled for 10th January was cancelled and Big City cited “National Security Reasons” for calling back the navy.

On 15th January, after exploring the island with the help of explorers, Big City announced to the world its first ever offshore territory, the Parafzer Islands. (Meaning “Newfound Islands” in Benoz)

In general, the countries were happy and the Royal Navy also understood why the Big City navy had pulled out of the Naval Meet and were okay with it. But, one country was really not okay with this, Germany.

The Germans had believed that the island was German territory since 1938 but, Big Citian and many other historians were unable to found any German legal document saying so. The Germans said that they had not printed about it because it was meant to be a secret army base and construction work there never started due to ‘financial constraints’.

The Big Citian Prime Minister, Jack Jamins claimed that Germans were lying as they still held grudges against Big City and had also realised the touristic potential of the Parafzer Islands.

On 4th May, 2000, the Germans gave Big City a last chance to get off of the Parafzers but, Big City and majority of the world believed that the island was unclaimed by the Germans and so, the Big Citians didn’t move and the Germans arrived at the Parafzers with their naval fleet and on the other side, Big City had stationed its navy and military on the island too, ready for war.

Part Two – The War

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