The Great German War of 2000: The War (#46)

The moment the war was declared and the Germans arrived on the Parafzer islands, firing started between the two forces. Many were killed within minutes and both the countries started calling in reinforcements. Big City started bombing German ships from submarines and that way, money German ships were sunk.

Within two or three days, the Germans looked defeated but, they soon started firing the Big Citian army from helicopters and planes.

Big City’s army was functioning in the Parafzers via the SS 90 which was very expensive and massive ship. The ship was bombed several times by the Germans, but advanced equipment detonated the bombs before they even touched the ship. So, on 8th May, 2000; General Greizberg took the matters into his own hands, he took the biggest plane of the German army which was called “Berlin ’45” and crashed it onto the SS 90 and killed himself and everyone on board the SS 90.

This resulted in a huge loss in terms of money, equipment and life to Big City, the general public started strongly criticizing the government for dragging on the war on the Parafzers even though it was actually not that important. It started being dubbed as the “Ego War” between Big City and Germany because the island itself was overshadowed and the war became more about who is more powerful rather than who gets the island.

Finally, on 10th May 2018, the Big Citian forces decided to retreat as they saw it as a “pointless battle that only destroyed human life”. The whole world applauded Big City for retreating and the Parafzer Islands became German territory.

But, unfortunately it was submerged during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami but, luckily there was no permanent population on the island.


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