Big City Airways (#47)

Big City Airways is the most prominent airliner of Big City. Big City has no government-run airline but, Big City Airways is often associated with Big Citian aviation.

It was founded in 2035 by investor, business mogul and CEO and owner of Junkyard Chocolate Co., Jack Jones.

Jack Jones’s chocolate business was booming so, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of  operating an airline company. Big City Airways, when founded, was meant to be luxurious and classy and Jack Jones did not intend to make any huge profit out of it as, he was doing this as more of a hobby. He bought almost 50 planes when he opened the company. Big City Airways was very luxurious and won the Airline of the Year (AOY) 2036, 2037 and 2038. It was officially recognised as the airline with the maximum legroom by the International Civil Aviation Organization in 2036.

His profits from Junkyard Chocolate Co. were easily able to cover the losses made by the airlines but, soon after further upgradation and addition of new features into the airline planes, the cost became too much to bear for Jack Jones and his profits from Junkyard began being nullified by the losses from Big City Airways.

In the summer of 2040, in the 5th year in operation, Big City Airways introduced a massive 30 ro 40% fare hike in order to break even. This received fierce criticism from everybody. The day it started affecting his chocolate business, he decided to sell 95% of the company to the richest man in Big City, Lala Amarnathpo. Lala Amarnathpo paid an undisclosed sum of money for the airline company and within a year, he started to earn a profit by removing extravagant features and gradually nudging the price of the tickets up in order to recoup the money lost and then start earning a profit.

Jack Jones still owns 5% of the company and has a few private planes of his own which he allows people to charter.

As of 2090, it has a fleet of 890 aircraft making it the 4th largest airline by fleet size, just ahead of Southwest and behind United Airlines.

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