The Well of Brainoue (#48)

The Well of Brainoue is a huge above-ground tank in the city of Brainoue in Dezo. It is of huge national importance as it was the site where the war for Big Citian independence started in 1939 which led to the ‘Independence Act of 1940′ which allowed Big City to function more or less as an independent state but it had to recognise German superiority.

Tom Christ his followers had a made a plan to assassinate the officials of the German “Big City Planning and Structure Committee” as revenge for enslaving hundreds of Big Citian tribals to work in construction without paying them. Many of these forced labourers died during construction projects due to absolutely no safety measures present. In fact, dead labourers were so common that it was not unusual to see dead bodies near construction sites because often, the German government didn’t even bother to clean the bodies up.

There were four officials who were there to inaugurate the well which was meant for Germans’ use only. Just as soon as the officials cut the ribbon, hundreds of people from the crowd surged forward, climbed up the stairs and pushed all four of them along with some German police officers into the tank which was so deep that all of them died on impact. The crowd fleed and soon fire was opened upon the crowd, killing many. This incident gave people confidence and it also scared the German government who were also under pressure due to the World War II.

This happened on December, 31, 1939 and after this there were demonstration, protests and battles between the two sides and finally, in May, 1940, the act was passed. Subsequently, in 1945, Big City gained full independence from the Germans.

But, at often times this way of killing the German officials is described inhuman and cruel but, Tom Christ and his group said that what they did to the Big Citian workers was beyond comparison.

This did have several positive effects like forced labour was abolished the next day.

Present Day-

Nowadays, the Well of Brainoue has become a tourist attraction and tourists are allowed to enter the depths of the tank and also read the preamble of the Big Citian constitution which has been inscribed at the bottom of the tank right where the officials died.

5 thoughts on “The Well of Brainoue (#48)

  1. I’am a little confused. When you say Present Day, which year /month/day are you approx. Referring to?


  2. Thanks for the update.
    It is & would be exciting to know about 72 yrs of future as past in the present day from your perspective. Great going!


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