Him-Uq World Terror Tour (#49)

From May 10, 2035 to June 23, 2035; the world’s most feared terrorist organization, Him-Uq attacked 8 countries and killed over 450 people. Five of these countries were in Asia, namely; Syria, Iraq, Mongolia, Kuwait and Yemen. Two were in Europe; Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Analysts and war experts noticed that only those countries that were weak and were not that secure were being attacked. Therefore,  they didn’t expect the attack on the final country, that occurred on June, 23, 2035 and that country was Big City.

The main reason for the shock was that Big City had very tight security in terms of coasts and airports and the other was that Big City was an island. This led many to believe that the attack in Big City was led by Him-Uq forces that were already stationed in Big City and had been living there for a long time. The attack itself was less deadly than the others (312 people died in Syria) , only one person died and three were injured when a man stabbed them with a knife. Subsequently, the man was arrested and eventually executed.

This attack raised the antennas of several organizations who announced yet another government-funded terrorism crackdown. This crackdown was the fourth of its kind and the situation still didn’t improve.

Many other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy and India decided to join hands with Big City to form the Anti-Terrorist Organization.


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