Deep Sea Discovery (#50)

On 1st March, 1812; German ship the SS Loyal sank in the Closeland Sea. (the sea between all the Big Citian states) The ship reportedly had the largest diamond on the planet, the Schrapan III (548 Karats) which is worth over $500 million.

The ship sank and everyone on board was killed. But, on 11th April, 2032, 220 years after it was lost, a private marine life research team found the shipwreck and retrieved the diamond along with a bunch of other jewels.

Before that, several others had tried to find the gem but no one was successful, not even the government. The research team’s name was Deep Sea Discovery. The team had 10 members (7 men and 3 women) and when they found the diamond they decided to auction it off. This discovery made international headlines and the auction was scheduled in the Royal Albert Hall, London and the richest and most renowned people came to bid for the diamond and the other jewels. The Schrapan III was auctioned off for a staggering $1.3 billion and the other jewels made a collective $3.5 million.

Firstly, the members donated $100 million to various institutions for educating the underprivileged and cancer research associations. The Deep Sea Discovery was applauded for this and they split the rest evenly amongst themselves.

They soon became celebrities as they released a documentary on their discovery of the treasures and one of them realised his dream of becoming an actor when he played a supporting role in the movie Time 3.

Nowadays, they run there show called ‘Deep Sea Discovery’ in which they talk about aquatic life.

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