No Zone (#52)

The Helena 1331B Zone a.k.a the ‘No Zone’ is an underground area in Sea City, Dezo. The area is popular because it is an underground nuclear base where Big City stores 3 nukes of its own and 5 American nukes. The exact location is unknown but, it is well-known that it is not in the main city.

Sea City has a small area where the population is concentrated but, apart from that, the whole City is a desert. The No Zone was built sometime around the 2000s but, the its existence was announced in 2005 when Big City signed a deal with the USA to store some of their nukes. Along with that, Big City announced that it had also successfully developed nuclear bombs.

In a ploy to catch spies and other criminals who posed a threat to national security, the Big City government announced the exact address where the base was located. (it was a fake one) The decoy base was an abandoned military base in Jones, Fezo and the government stationed military personnel inside the base in order to catch the criminals. There were no attempts of break-ins until the third night when twelve black uniformed men came armed with rifles and grenades and they also had a battering ram for breaking in. The moment they entered the premises, they were shot in their legs and quickly arrested and taken to the police headquarters.

After 8 hours of interrogation and torture, they finally confessed to being Him-Uq members who were trying to sabotage the bombs. The decision to create a fake base was applauded as soon as the news about the Him-Uq members broke out. The members were supplied with the weapons by Bunty’s personal ship.

Soon, the members were hanged by Big Citian authorities. The real address was never revealed but, the city is known; Sea City. The Big Citian authorities have never reported any break-in into the real facility ever.

In 2020, Big City was about to become the second ever nation (after South Africa) to dismantle all of its nuclear weapons and it got close to signing a treaty with a group of other countries that swore not to possess any nukes but, this never happened as, the Independence Party-led government (which was signing the treaty) failed to get re-elected and the process of the signing of the treaty was going on at the time of the elections and the new, Lala Amarnathpo-led government pulled out of the deal as soon as it was formed and Big City still have nuclear weapons, to this day.


2 thoughts on “No Zone (#52)

  1. Why is Amarnathpo not dismantling Nukes. A small country should put it’s resources into development of the country and helping the poor.


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