Capsule System (#53)

In 2020, the Big Citian billionaire, Ralph Pleu bought the underground tunnel system of Dezo for $300 million.

The Big Citian state of Dezo had hundreds and hundreds of interlinked tunnels built by the Nazis during the Second World War. (Big City used to be a German colony) After the World War, they were abandoned and soon forgotten, millions didn’t even know about them.

In 2020, when Pleu bought the underground tunnel system from the government, the government didn’t object as it wasn’t being used at all. On 12th June, 2020, he announced his plans to create a Capsule system in the tunnels. His team had developed a technology in which a person could sit on a seat and be carried at amazing speeds for fast travel to places, each compartment carried five to six people and was called a ‘Capsule’ . His idea was revolutionary and soon, he started experimenting the technology in the tunnels which he had to clean up, tile, etc.

It was a huge success and it was officially opened up to the public in April, 2021. At all times, there were several hundred Capsules going around the system.

The capsules were of different price ranges as some were luxurious and some were not. This system of transportation became very popular and soon, people started coming from across the globe just to travel using the capsules. The Capsule system became very profitable as the technology used to make the Capsules was very cheap but they could earn maximum profit as they were the only ones who possessed the technology & therefore had no competition.

This also considerably reduced traffics from the streets of Dezo.

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