The Elections of 2030 – Keeping Control (#54)

The 2030 election had three main parties; the Peace Party, the Independence Party and the Goggle Party.

The Goggle Party was the ruling party after winning the 2020 elections and the Prime Minister was Mr. Lala Amaranthpo and the President was Mr. Udi Baba. In 2030, the same men were the Prime Ministerial and Presidential candidates for the Goggle Party.

The Goggle Party promised nationwide free 7G data (This is 2030) coverage in a bid to gain the support of the young voters.  The Goggle Party once again used its EMA Platform (See Blog #27, Paragraph 4) to attract voters and also added some more features in it to ease the burden of taxation. Lala Amarnathpo gave speeches in his hometown of Gronade while Udi Baba & Josef Andrew toured the whole country in order to gain support.

The Peace Party & the Independence Party also kept their candidates the same and the Peace Party introduced its own taxation system, the Tax Return & Monitoring System (TRMS). The TRMS heavily favored the underprivileged sections of the society and the middle and upper classes highly opposed it and the plan backfired as a prominent leader from Cyber who was the governor of Japea decided to quit the Peace Party as he highly opposed the TRMS and decided to join the Goggle Party but, it did get a lot of praise as well.

The voting was on 1st June, 2030 and the results came out the next day and the results clearly showed one party’s dominance; the Goggle Party which managed to form the government for the second consecutive time by bagging 188 out of the 223 seats (7 less than the 2020 elections) while the Peace Party did surprisingly well by raking in 20 seats and the Independence Party got the remaining. This time, each state government was also formed by the Goggle Party and for the first time ever all but one city governors belonged to a single party: the Goggle Party.

During the victory speech, Mr. Lala Amarnathpo delivered a huge announcement and said that Mr. Udi Baba and him were switching roles with him becoming the next President while Mr. Udi Baba was going to be sworn in as Prime Minister.

The reason states was “for the good of the country” but many conspiracies surfaced that suggested that Lala wanted to focus more on his business rather than the government which were later dismissed because in Big City, the President and the President had equality in powers and role.

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3 thoughts on “The Elections of 2030 – Keeping Control (#54)

  1. I know the voting said that the next blog would be about Science & Technology but, this one was long overdue as all the blogs had already reached 2030. The next one is getting ready and is about Science & Technology and will be published within the next few days. 🙂

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  2. Do you know, even though president’s role is mostly ceremonial, he can sometimes dismiss the prime minister and assume full powers for ruling the country.

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