New Element Discovered: Smoldorus (#55)

On 19th October, 2037, renowned Big Citian chemist, Kramen Skraperr discovered a new element and named it ‘Smoldorus’. This new element was discovered while he was running experiments with hydrogen molecules.

The new element was named so as it had the property to ignite things very easily. Once the Big Citian government got to know about it, they paid Skraperr $10 million and forcefully bought the technology of how to create it in laboratories. The reason for doing this was that this element had a huge scope in the development of bombs. The cost of creating one molecule wasn’t as high as originally expected and news got out about the element when a top Big Citian official escaped to Russia and was reportedly paid a huge fee to reveal all the secrets about the new element.

This happened  on 30th October, 2037 and then tragedy struck, Skraperr was brutally murdered after he reportedly refused to disclose any information about the Smoldorous as the government didn’t allow him to do so.

Soon, it was given the symbol “Sl” but, there was still controversy going around and the murderer of Skraperr was still at large.  The Big Citian government managed to abduct the official who had leaked the secret information and he was brought back on November 15, 2037 and after hours of interrogation and court hearings, he was executed on 20th November, 2037 on charges of treason. The main problem was that Russia now had the technology to develop Smoldorous element. Big City & Russia had been allies since their independence but, now these ties were being threatened.

Eventually, on December 4, 2037, Vladimir Putin arrived in Big City to sign the ‘Skraperr Pact’ by the rules of which neither of the countries would ever develop bombs using the Smoldorous element and they would also not use it for any destructive or war-like purpose.

Still, the killer of Kramen Skraperr is yet to be found.


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