Operation Escape (#56)

On the morning of 22nd July, 2036, the Big Citians woke up to a nationwide alarm.

85 prisoners had managed to escape the Gruergen Prison in Rouzaki, Fezo. The prison was supposed to be the most secure prison in Big City so, when the prisoners escaped the prison, questions were raised by the media, the opposition and the general public. The Gruergen Prison was constructed in 2001 after the Viola Christ assassination to imprison all those who were involved. It gradually became a place for all terrorists (mostly Him-Uq) and serial killers.

Over the years, some reports did suggest that the security in the prison was deteriorating but, no major concerns were raised.

Out of the 85 escapees, 72 were arrested as they were involved with the Him-Uq and the remaining were there for several different crimes but, almost all of them were serving life in prison and 6 were scheduled to be executed in the next week.

The situation was very scary as it was expected that the escapees would plan a terrorist attack very soon as a lot of weaponry was also missing from the prison’s arsenal. The whole military got involved in hunting down the fugitives and all the schools and offices were shut down for a three-day period. The Australian Army also got involved as it feared that the fugitives might even escape to Australia.

Ten of them were arrested within the next 24 hours and after that update, the police decided to not share any information with the public until suddenly on 26th July, 2037; the police announced that all 85 prisoners have been caught and the Gruergen Prison is being shut down for an indefinite amount of time due to weak security and the remaining prisoners were sent to the Krater Prison Facility in the city of Cralle in Cyber.

After a month-long hearing, all the 85 were sentenced to death by the Big Citian Supreme Court and on the morning of the 1st of September 2037, all of them were executed by the firing squad.

This was the first time in 52 years that the firing squad had been used in Big City, the last time was on 6th March, 1985.

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