Capital Punishment in Big City (#57)

Big City has often been criticised by other nations of the world for the frequency of Capital Punishments in Big City while others often admire the whole system. The Big City Supreme Court has given death sentence to 40% of all those who were guilty of murder, 98% to murder of more than 4 and very often for attempted murder if the victim is brutally injured.

Big City has a strict justice system but people are only given death if they have done something very brutal. Murder and terrorism is non-tolerable while crimes such as petty theft and drunk and driving do not hold such harsh punishments. In 2020, after being pressured by the UN, the Big Citian government stopped forced organ donation from death row inmates.

Big City is also known for the relatively small amount of time it takes to give the verdict on crimes, no matter how serious they are. But, it is rarely ever compared to countries like Saudi Arabia & China as the reasons for execution there and in Big City are totally different as Big City has full freedom of speech, expression, belief, faith & worship.

There were two strange incidents when Hubert Robinson was sentenced to death on multiple accounts of animal cruelty (in 2006) and Jenny Eliza was also sentenced to death for animal cruelty (in 2030).

Despite all of this, the Big Citian public in general has no serious issues with the regularity of Capital Punishments in Big City as it is often seen as getting rid of a disease. In 2005, a referendum was also taken by the government on whether do revise the justice system to reduce the amount of death sentences, the result was an astonishing one, 93.8% said that nothing should be changed while the rest said it should be, so nothing happened.

Contrary to popular belief , an execution has never been televised or been open to the public in Big City.

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