Raiie Mobiles (#58)

Raiie mobiles is the leading cell phone/smartphone producer in Big City. It was founded in 2020 by retired army officer, Graden Raiie who was known for using the “Network Technique” during the 1996 Big City-Germany war.

Graden Raiie had worked with Apple Inc. for one year before he quit to start his own company called “Raiie Mobiles”. He saw that there were no prominent phone brands from Big City and the Big Citians had to import them which costed a lot of money. He launched the first model on 8th August, 2020 and it was called the “Armadillo 1”. He followed the pattern used by android for naming its software versions and named each new phone after an animal alphabetically.

The reason the new phone caught the eye of the people was because it had the capability of adding on “Raiilets” which were small accessories that could be attached to the phone to perform a certain function such as a mosquito repellent, an additional flash light, a colourful light, a movie-grade camera lens and many more.

The first model sold quickly and Raiie launched the second model just eight days later and called it the “Black Bear”.

Soon, a problem started to emerge as third parties started to create the “Raiilets” which often didn’t work and caused problems in the phone and sometimes introduced some sort of malware. The Raiie Mobiles Company decided to do a crackdown on these third-parties that sold the non-genuine “Raiilets” and finally after the investigation was completed, it sued 45 companies as the Raiilets were patented by Raiie Mobiles.

The company raked in a lot of money after they won the cases and invested it in launching the third model on New Year’s Day of 2021 and called it the “Cheetah”.


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