National Dog Day (#59)

In Big City, one of the largest events is the National Dog Day which takes place on the 8th of December every year and it commemorates the birth of the military dog, Alex which saved the lives of 8 people during the Italian War from 1970-72.

The dog is also the national animal of Big City and the National Dog Day is also a national holiday. Huge shelter puppy adoption centres open up and people rush in to adopt puppies. Being a respected and loved animal, the dog is a very common household pet in Big City and there are around 1.1 pets per household in Big City with 88% of all the households having at least one.

On this day, hundreds of people come down to their local city squares with their dogs and play with each-other’s dogs. The dog day also sees massive discounts on dog groceries such as dog food, dog treats etc. and the largest producer of dog food in Big City, BarkWell, erects a statue of a significant military dog in front of one of their stores each year and till now they have erected over 50.

National Dog Day is one of the happiest and most popular holidays which often attracts dog-lovers from all over the globe.


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